Thailand Post

sign outside a Thailand Post office

Post Office Thailand

Thailand Post is the postal service for Thailand. Most villages have a small post office which are easily recognised by the red/white and blue banner and the Thai name for post office.

Often this is also written in English.

The sign in today’s photograph says ไปรษณีย์

ไปร-ษณีย์ = post or postal service or post office.

Services offered by Thailand Post

Thailand Post offers a range of services at very reasonable prices. This includes a track and trace service(EMS) which is similar to registered post and requires the person receiving the article to sign for it. This is both domestic and international mail.

You can even “post” large items like a motorcycle using your local post office. Thailand Post offices sell stamps and all manner of packaging to ensure your item arrives safely. You can actually pack your parcel in the Post Office after you buy packaging. Thailand Post also provide money transfer facilities and pay at post, which is a facility to pay bills. Plus of course a daily mail delivery to your home. You can read more about Thai postal services here.

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