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Fortune tellers in Thailand are numerous and do a roaring trade. Mind you given the somewhat superstitious nature of the average Thai person its not really surprising  I suppose.

Whether its a prediction for the winning numbers in the next Thai lottery draw or some advice on a new house, car or health issues Thais will often seek out their favourite fortune teller.

Which is how I ended up taking today’s photograph of a Thai sign outside a fortune tellers house.  Not that I am Thai, but the friends I was with were and they had gone to get some insight into their lucky numbers.

So what does the sign say?


ถึง-แล้ว = at already = arrived  + บ้าน = home + หมอ = Doctor + ศรี = good fortune + ดู = look + ดวง = moon (horoscope). Which gives a literal translation of ” you have arrived at the home of Dr Good Fortune who looks at your horoscope.”

Now I am fairly certain that the man in question was not actually a Doctor in any shape or form so I was quite surprised to see the word หมอ used. Perhaps I am missing something here?

Lucky Numbers don’t always come from fortune tellers in Thailand!

Gambling is illegal in Thailand, apart from the Thai Lottery. So finding lucky numbers to use in the lottery is big business for fortune tellers in Thailand like the one I mentioned above. Mind you people will try anything to get lucky just like in this tale of the Gecko’s Prediction.

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