Eyeglasses in Thailand

a sale sign for eyeglasses in Thailand

Eyeglasses for sale-20-50% discount

The price of eyeglasses in Thailand can range from just a few hundred Baht to several thousand depending where you choose to shop. While Thailand is certainly good value for many things medical, it is not necessarily that cheap when it comes to more complex prescription glasses.

True you can buy reading glasses in the local market for much the same price as a cold beer but outside of that,  then expect to pay similar or higher prices,  when compared to your home country, if you like designer frames for example. Eye tests are usually free in most opticians.

Buying eyeglasses in Thailand

So having done my best to put you off buying eyeglasses in Thailand I will get round to explaining today’s sign, which does indeed offer eyeglasses for sale at a discount price!

It says in Thai:

แว่น-ตา = แว่น = lens + ตา = eye  แว่นตา = lens eye = eyeglasses

ลด 30-50%  ลด = reduce(d) i.e. sale or discount

Now the sign in the photograph that is offering eyeglasses for sale at a discount is actually outside an opticians shop.  So I could  also have expected to see a sign saying ช่างแว่นตา where ช่าง = technician/craftsman or optician to you and me!

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