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Getting a Haircut in Thailand

Barbers Shop Getting a hair cut in Thailand if you are a man is usually a very pleasant experience since most barbers include washing your hair, a shoulder massage and a wet [read more...]

Editors Choice

  • A sign advertising a Museum in Thailand
    Finding well known museums in Thailand is relatively easy since most of the famous Thai museums are located in the larger cities or at equally famous historical sites, were they are well advertised in both Thai and English. However there are also [read more...]
  • A sign showing the sheets of paper used to interpret Chinese Fortune Sicks
    Fortune Sheets If you look around you will find Chinese fortune sticks in most Thai Buddhist temples. The sticks are usually wooden and contained in a cylindrical bamboo container. Each stick has a different number.  Nearby you will also find a [read more...]

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  • A sign showing the sheets of paper used to interpret Chinese Fortune Sicks
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